Monday, June 23, 2008


Last month, the winner of the Vector Goodness Lounge Monster Mascot Competition was announced, and our wonderful winner was Japu with his character Behemuh! The lovely Behemuh graces our title bar in here, and is official icon for the Vector Group on Redbubble.

japu japu sat down with us in the Lounge, and we had a bit of a chat....

1. Tell us about your monster? How did you come up with the design?
Well, my design composition is a bit confused XD I’ll show you as it proceded: when I read about the contenst I was so excited, because I love monsters…
[stream of consciousness on]
“but my monsters are a bit scary” “I can make a scary one, but cute… yeah, more cute than scary” “what about grouch? Yeah, a big grouching monster…but with sweet eyes… big arms, small legs… yeah I like it” “but it needs something special…maybe tattoos… the wings? Cute, yeah, but something more special…” ”...” “A GLOWING TAIL! COOL!”
[stream of consciousness off]

So I took my pencil and…

[stream of consciousness on]
“Now he needs a name… a big name, but a bit cute… a powerful name is Behemoth… let’s cutizie it… Behemuh!”
[stream of consciousness off]

And the rest you know it :)

2. Do you have any favourite designers or illustrators?
I read a lot of manga and see a lot of anime and I love the japan style. I like a lot of mangaka-sensei (authors of manga) and I’m so inspired by them, my style is often a fusion of all the style I love; here’s some names:

Kentaro Miura

Takehiko Inoue

Hiroki Endo

Tsutomu Nihei

Masashi Kishimoto

Everyone of theese got a perfect style IMHO, and I want to be like them! XD
I also like the style of some anime studios like


Studio Bones

Studio Gonzo

Another love is the 3D modeling and animation, that I found in videogames and movie, and I particulary appreciate

Square-Enix (software house)

Pixar (Behemuh looks like a Monsters & Co. character)

3. What are your tools of the trade? (software programs, art supplies)
Pencil, Brushes (rarely), Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator (only if I can’t avoid it!XD)

4. What’s your earliest memory of being creative?
I was very very young, a baby I guess, I drew a butterfly, you know, with the triangle wings XD

5. Is there anything you’d like to try artistically that you haven’t before?
No, I guess I’ve tried all art that I like to, but I’d really really really like to come back to the 3D modeling, but it takes too much time and I’m not so good with that, so, for now I won’t play with poligons.

6. What design are you most proud of? (your favourite from your own work)
Weeeeell, I post only the works I’m proud of XD… also if after some time, seeing them well, maybe I change my mind! XD Actually I’m very proud about

because I didn’t think it would come up so nice… and so popular! XD

7. Are there any other artists on the bubble that you think we should check out?
I really really appreciate rubyred , mikoto , bigfatrobot works, but I think they’re already famous! XD … sooo, I’ll chose him !

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